xTETRA is a startup company, founded Abdullah Mostafa and Suzana Vukovic. The startup strives to educate our youth population about the fields of STEM, mainly focusing on promoting engineering.
Through monthly kits, subscribers will be introduced to varying fields of STEM, aiding them in improving their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Some of the pieces in the kits include micro-controllers, mechanically moving parts and electrical components. It is an intricate set yet an easy to use learning interface, all at the palm of their hands for an affordable price! 

3rd Place Winner - Fall 2016

The Beading Drum

2nd Place Winner - Fall 2016

The Growcer is a social enterprise that grows and sells fresh produce and fish to the Iqaluit community using hydroponic and aquaponic technology within retrofitted shipping containers. Due to the harsh northern climates, it is very difficult to grow fruits and vegetables in Iqaluit, meaning the community relies heavily on shipments by air from southern Canada for their produce. The Growcer aims to combat this issue, by offering fresh and more affordable produce that is grown in Iqaluit, providing the community with a sustainable alternative that also provides local jobs, economic development, and lower cost produce. The pilot project is expected to grow its first veggie in October 2016 in Iqaluit, Nunavut. The Growcer consists of Corey Ellis and Alida Bukre.


1st PlaceWinner - Fall 2016

Project Dextra is an initiative aiming to use 3D printing technology to manufacture affordable, good quality prosthetics for Syrian who have sought refuge in Lebanon. Team Dextra brings together seven experienced students of different backgrounds. Lead by Antoine Machaalani, a biomedical mechanical engineering student. Since March 2016, Dextra has been working with the Makerspace as well as the Difference Makers Program, and has obtained the backing of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The steam consists of Ahmad Al-Abdulmohsen, Olivier Miguel, Midia Shikh Hassan, Roxanne Gauthier-Ferland, Malik Jumani and Antoine Machaalani.

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