Are you interested in fostering your innovation and entrepreneurial spirit with a strong emphasis on the development of sustainable solutions, products, services and organizations?

Why join the Difference Maker program?

The new Difference Maker program offers University of Ottawa students the opportunity to identify and act upon their vision for creating positive change.    
This program introduces a wide range of extracurricular activities and workshops meant to teach creative problem-solving skills!  

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What is the Difference Maker program?

A Difference Maker is a doer; a person who thinks positively, takes action and creates impact.
If you have an idea, want to solve a problem, launch a business or want to make a difference, then this program is for YOU! 
Make a difference and change the world today!

The Program is an engaging and effective way to:
•    Inspire and empower you to create positive change on campus.
•    Connect with other like-minded students.
•    Discover new and innovative ways to solve concrete problems.
•    Improve your entrepreneurial skills through hands-on workshops.
•    Build your own start-up idea to solve a societal issue.